Checklist for photography

Checklist for photography

When you are going to start your career in the Dubai food photography then you have to see about a few things in your life and you have to make some changes in your life too because there are a lot of things which you need to develop in your nature to become a successful photographer. To start the work of food photographer in UAE, you have to see the following checklist and then act accordingly:

Quality of food:

When you are doing some work for a client then you have to make sure that the quality of that food is really good otherwise people will curse you when they see an amazing picture of food and spend a good amount on that and in return they will get some cheap quality and bad taste food. You need to make sure that the food should be very good in taste before you do the photography work for that.

Quantity of food:

You need to see about the quantity of food which you will need in your photography and then you have to ask about it. If you think that some of the amount will be ruined during the photography work then you have to ask your client about it and tell them about the theme that you are thinking to show in your food and you can also tell them to be there while you re photographing the food so that they will not have any doubts about the quantity and they know that you are not eating the food by the name of photography.

D├ęcor around food:

When you need to photograph food then you cannot just place the food on the table and start taking pictures. There should be a lot of thing which you have to put on the table according to the type of food and the weather in which you are photographing. It also depends on the environment that if you are photographing outside then there will be plenty of light and you can play with that and get a god picture with the minimum amount of accessories because lighting will cover that up. You can add flowers, leaves or some fruits with your food and also you can get some salad veggies to make your food look greener and even fresher in the pictures.